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BachWerkVokal Salzburg, founded in 2015, is a group made up of singers who share a desire to perform Bach’s music with a professional vocal ensemble.


In the coming years, all vocal works by Johann Sebastian Bach will be performed throughout Austria as well as internationally.


All singers are selected for their quality as soloists, but also on the basis of their ability to blend and produce a clean and balanced choral sound.


Young, gifted singers are afforded the possibility to present themselves in performances of Bach’s choral works. Additionally, children and teenagers are given the opportunity to become actively involved with classical music as members of the „Kleine Cantorey“, which works together with BachWerkVokal in performances of larger works.


A particular feature of BachWerkVokal are the creative programme concepts that have a place alongside the traditional concert format. In such performances, the music of Johann Sebastian Bach is complemented by interactive elements from new media, visual arts (painting, sculpture) and other music styles (jazz, electro), as well as the dramatic arts (acting, mime, ballet and staged performances). The audience is invited to engage with a reflective, interactive and sometimes provocative analysis of Bach’s vocal music in an imaginative interpretation.


Of equal importance to us is presenting Bach’s music within the wider musical context, drawing parallels and contrasts between his music and that of earlier and later composers.


Gordon Safari, with his extensive artistic experience, is the founder and musical director of BachWerkVokal Salzburg und Kontra.Punkt – Das Barockorchester.





The soloist ensemble consisting of four – to eight really wonderful singers make many delicate and quick interjections. These cannot be beaten in presence and precision. The smaller choir soli show what beautiful voices Safari has assembled. Also the younger singers have their turn in the arias.

Enthusiastic applause.

Christiane Keckeis, DrehPunktKultur 27/03/17


Gordon Safari does not aim at a musical and philological encyclopedia of the Bach cantatas, but at making music in quite a vivid and manifold way. Surprising is especially, how he hast he singers start at the meaning of the words, this leads to a vivid impression of the articulation and to a dramatic expression.

Karl Harb, Salzburger Nachrichten 13. Juli 2015



Gordon Safari, conductor and artistic director of BachWerkVokal, a musician and person full of passion and charisma, burns for the music of Bach und makes the impossible come true.

Angelica Pral-Haidbauer, Look!Salzburg, März 2016


Ovations in the full church for the high commitment that can be seen in the wish of every single member to create something new artistically.

Erhard Petzel, DrehPunktKultur, 23.11.2015

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Impressum Cadenza Concert