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The agency Cadenza-Concert was founded in 1993 by Alja Batthyány-Végh. After several years in Zurich, she continued her work in Salzburg. The musical heritage of her father, Sandor Végh, plays an important part creating a spiritual unity with all “our” artists, some of whom played music or studied with or under him.


Since November 2013, Marcus Gisperg coordinates national and international concerts and tours for soloists, conductors, chamber music ensembles, chamber orchestras, as well as symphonic orchestras. With particular devotion and personal commitment we try to create a personal atmosphere between presenters worldwide and our artists. 











Marcus Gisperg


After 12 years of piano lessons and very intensive and long-term projects at the Salzburg Festival with Gerard Mortier during my school days, I decided to study musicology and cultural management in Vienna.


After my work at the Salzburg Landesjugendorchester I started to work at Cadenza Concert in December 2006. Since February 2009, I am responsible for the orchestras and choirs within the agency on a self-employed basis, where my field of activity includes both acquisition as well as touring. The tours regularly lead me through whole Europe, mainly through Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and Poland.





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